Food Processing Industry

Providing customized heating, steaming solutions with different heat source composition methods for the particular heat requirement of different consumers in the food industry.

Boiler for the Food Industry

Every step of the food production process necessitates the use of heat. The use of direct heat or heat from hot water is important in the food processing industry.

In the food processing industry, boilers are primarily used in the heating, drying, distillation, disinfection, and maturation processes. As a result, steam or hot water provided by a boiler is used in every aspect of the food supply chain from grocery stores to restaurants, making the steam boiler an indispensable part of the food processing industry.

The Role of Steam Boilers in Food Industry

  • Hot Water Generation for Sanitation

  • Hot Water for Facilities

  • Steam Power for Machinery

  • Heating Requirement for Facility

  • Steam for Batching

  • Steam for Processing

  • Steam for Cooking

  • Reducing Microbiological Risks in Food

  • Steam for Drying Food

  • Steam & Heat for Packaging

Steam Boiler Challenges In The Food Processing Industry

Although steam heat has a variety of uses in the food processing sector, the boilers themselves frequently pose their own difficulties. The majority of food producers don't need full steam constantly; rather, the requirement for steam varies along their production lines throughout the day. However, because most conventional boilers need hours to warm up and cool down, food processing facilities must maintain their boilers running even when there is little demand for steam. Naturally, this has a negative impact on energy efficiency, raises the price of fuel, and in certain states even makes it difficult to meet the requirements for greenhouse gas emissions. Because of this, the steam boiler that the company chooses can significantly affect its productivity and efficiency.

Recommended Boilers for the Food Industry

Revosteam Boiler

(50 Kg-5 TPH)

Combitherm Boiler

(1 - 20 TPH)

Intech Boiler

(1 - 15 TPH)

Savemax Boiler(Oil & Gas Fired)

(1 - 12 TPH)

Projects Related to Food Industry

15 TPH Intech Steam Boiler for the Richa Food Industry

25 TPH Combitherm Ultra Steam Boiler project for the Food Industry

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