Manufacturing Boiler for Sugar Industry

Providing reliable, efficient hot water, heat & Steam for the proper steaming of sugar canes required in the process of the production of Sugar.

We have proven expertise in designing, supplying and installing Industrial Steam Boiler for the Sugar Industry.

Boiler for Sugar Industry

The running of the system in the sugar factory needs a significant amount of electrical energy and a heat supply in the sugar production phase, which can only be provided with the usage of a steam boiler.

In sugar mills, steam boilers are used to produce steam during different stages of processing, including juice extraction, evaporation, clarification, crystallization, and sugar drying.

High-pressure steam is produced by boilers and then passes via a turbine to generate electricity. The turbine's exhaust steam is passed via a multiple impact evaporator station, where it is used to heat vacuum pans in the crystallization stage and for other purposes in the sugar mill.

Role of Thermodyne Boilers in Sugar Mills

  • Steam Power for Machinery

  • Steam for producing Electricity

  • Hot water generation for Processing

  • Steam for Evaporation

  • Steam for Juice extraction

  • Steam for Crystallization

  • Hot water for clarification

  • Heat for Drying

  • Steam for Other Industrial Processes

Recommended Boiler for Sugar Mill

Thermodyne offers a variety of boilers for sugar factories. At present, the use of Bagasse and Biomass boilers is becoming increasingly common inside the sugar mills. Bagasse, a byproduct obtained by the extraction of juice from the sugarcane, is used as a fuel in the boilers of sugar mills. The heat generated by the combustion of the fuel in the furnace of the boiler produces the required steam for process and power generation.

Combitherm Boiler

(1 - 20 TPH)

Fuel: Oil, Gas, Biomass etc.

Packaged Boiler

(1 - 20 TPH)

Fuel: Wood, Coal, Biomass, Bagasse etc.

Waste Heat Recovery Boiler(Wastetherm)

(1 - 12 TPH)

Fuel: Biomass, Bagasse etc.

Savemax Boiler

(1 - 12 TPH)

Fuel: Oil, Gas etc.