Serving Steam in Paper and Pulp Industry

Boiler for Paper Industry

Boilers are used in the paper industry to produce steam for power and process systems. The high-pressure steam is used in steam turbines to produce electricity for the paper mill. For various process applications, such as heating and cooking wood chips to make wood pulp, the paper mill needs medium and low-pressure steam.

Other paper mill applications, such as heating additives, dryer drums, and other process applications, include steam.

Paper mills have a strong need for steam. As a result, a boiler should be installed to satisfy the method and power requirements.

Role of Steam Boilers in Paper and Pulp Industry

  • Steam Power for Machinery

  • Steam to Produce Electricity

  • Steam for Heating

  • Steam for Smoothing

  • Steam for Folding

  • Steam for Bonding

  • Steam for Drying

  • Steam for Printing Paper

Recommended Boiler for Paper Mill

Packaged Boiler

(1 - 10 TPH)

Intech Boiler

(1 - 15 TPH)

Waste Heat Recovery Boiler(Wastetherm)

(1 - 12 TPH)

Combitherm Boiler

(1 - 20 TPH)