Boiler Accessories

Thermodyne manufactures boiler accessories along with boilers which are installed either inside or outside the boiler to improve the boiler's efficiency and ensure good operation of the plant.

Industrial Fans and Blowers are the heart of the system. They are responsible for all other subsequent operations taking place in a boiler i.e, combustion of fuels, generation of hot gases and transportation of flue gases through boiler tubes and other equipment.

Pressure reducing stations (PRS) are the arrangement of certain valves which are used to provide the desired steam pressure at the user’s end. Steam coming from the boiler, through the steam line, enters the PRS at a higher pressure and leaves the PRS at reduced (specified) pressure. In this, the flow of the steam remains constant. Like the Steam Boiler, the PRS is also pressure equipment.

Air Preheaters (APH) are the Shell and tube type Heat Exchangers used for preheating the air which is fed to the boiler or furnaces/kilns for combustion of fuels. The Air Pre heater’s primary objective is to extract the waste heat from the flue gases leaving the boiler.

The industrial chimney is a tall structure used to ventilate or exhaust all gases generated during the combustion of fuel. Although it may be self-supporting or supported by ropes, a massive steel or concrete structure, its primary function is simply to vent off poisonous or harmful gases at a height where it does not come into contact with any humans.

The Deaerator tank in the boiler acts as a Feed Water Tank to store cold and hot fluid in order to remove dissolved air or non-condensable gases from the fluid. Deaerating the feed tank helps in removing non-condensable gases from the feed.

The Pressurised Condensate Recovery Module includes energy saving, water treatment charges & also includes calculations for potential savings. In this energy conscious environment, one always looks forward to saving and reusing the maximum possible magnitude of energy. Returning the highest possible percentage of condensate to the boiler offers an exceptional return on the investments by helping to cut energy and maintenance costs.

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