Electric Steam Boiler

  • Thermal Capacity: 50kg/hr to 1320 kg/hr

  • Pressure: 7 kg/cm2 to 17.5 kg/cm2

  • Operating Mode: Automatic

  • Firing mechanism: Electric Heating

  • Application: Industrial use

Product Information


Model: Electra

Capacity: 50 Kg/hr to 1320 Kg/hr (Higher capacity may be offered on request.)

Material: As per IBR Requirement.


Operating Mode: Automatic

Firing mechanism: Electric Heating

Electric steam Boiler Introduction

An Electric Boiler is a Boiler which operates using electricity rather than a combustible fossil fuel such as gas or oil boilers, these are also known as electrically heated boilers. Electric Boilers are 98% efficient.

Thermodyne Electra model boilers make use of electric current running through the water as electrolyte to create heat, to converting water into steam at required pressure. The accessories, such as the safety valve, pressure gauge, water gauge, valves, pressure switch and low water level alarm are provided. Automatically controlled electrically heated boilers maintained adequate water level and steam pressure in the boiler by the automatic control system.

Key Feature Of Electric Steam Boiler - Electra

  • This is a Packaged and fully automatic plug and play unit

  • Eco Friendly as it runs on electricity

  • Compact in size

  • Designed as per IBR 1950, duly approved by the IBR inspectorate

  • The steam is generated by an electric resistor heating flange inside the boiler shell.

Advantages of Electric Boiler

1. Electric boilers are very compact as they do not require furnace space for combustion, and therefore do not require ductwork or a chimney.

2. No fuel storage space is required as in the case of oil-fired or coal-fired boilers.

3. Electric boilers are quickly and easily installed due to the fact that ductwork, chimneys, and fuel lines are not required.

4.Ther efficiency of the boiler upto 98% achieved due to the unique electrode type heating.

5. Electric boilers do not produce any pollution as no fossil fuel is used.

6. Electric boilers are silent and very safe in operation.

Why Thermodyne Boiler

Thermodyne engineering systems is a trustable and reliable name in manufacturing of steam boilers and hot water generators, providing industrial steam energy solutions since last 22 years with customization of size as per the requirements. Our products are designed by Expert and Experienced engineers by using the latest Technology and manufactured with the help of latest Machine tools which ensures the superior quality of the product.

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