Steam Accumulator

Thermodyne Boilers provide pressure vessels and steam accumulators to meet the unique demands of fluctuating steam loads in plants. These are an excellent solution to plants where the average loads are low, but intermittent steam demands are high.

Steam Accumulator and it's applications

Steam accumulators are also known as an energy storage vessels used to distribute energy to plants as and when required during the fluctuations.

Steam Accumulators are designed according to customer’s need and the steam load requirements at their end use.

The clients themselves can determine the capacity of the steam accumulator by simply following the below steps:

  • Keep track of your steam requirement every hour or 30 minutes if possible.

  • Determine the number of peak loads and troughs during the day as well as the quantity of steam needed at peak load and troughs.

  • Determine the steam quantity as well as the time period for which the steam quantity remains constant.

  • Determine the average steam requirement per hour.

  • Develop a graph for steam fluctuations during the day.

  • Follow the above steps 1 to 5 for 3-4 days and compare the graphs to determine the capacity of the steam accumulator.

Steam Accumulator

Advantages & Applications of Steam Accumulator

  • Reduces the capacity of a boiler thereby reducing its cost.

  • Reduces the operating cost of your boiler by reducing the fuel consumption and the electricity cost.

  • Increases the operating life of your boiler by eliminating the sudden load fluctuations.

  • Shorter payback periods and faster return on investments.

Thermodyne Engineering System can design a suitably sized accumulator as per customer’s needs and process demands.

The Steam Accumulator as the cost-effective solution.

The plant already has a boiler of a certain capacity, but for some reasons, the process load requirement increases for a certain time period in a day while at other times, the process load requirement falls even below the maximum capacity.

Plants planning to install a boiler for their process must consider the average heat load requirement of their process for deciding the maximum boiler capacity, and for the overload conditions, the steam accumulator can be installed. It takes care of the jerk-load requirements, when the steam flow increases beyond the boiler capacity for a short interval, and would store the extra heat during the fall in steam requirement, thereby stabilising the process.

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