Boiler Efficiency Calculator

Online Boiler Efficiency Calculator

Whether you are a boiler designer or an operator or scholar, it is very essential to know the boiler efficiency which not only defines the performance of boiler but also directly affects the fuel consumption and operating cost etc.

After a period of time the boiler efficiency may degrade because of several reasons like scaling, fouling, corrosion etc. so at that point of time boiler starts consuming more fuel and lowering the performance. By measuring a few quantities you can calculate easily the efficiency in the provided online calculator,

Here you can calculate the efficiency on the basis of direct method in a below online calculator provided by THERMODYNE ENGINEERING SYSTEMS.

The efficiency of Boiler is calculated on the basis of the following inputs:

  • Steam output (in Kgs) from the boiler every hour which can be measured using steam flow meters or keeping track of the amount of water (in Kgs) being fed by a pump to the boiler every hour.

  • Amount of fuel fed to the boiler furnace (in Kgs) per hour.

  • Gross Calorific Value of a fuel in (Kcal/Kg)

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