Refineries and Oil Pumps

Specializes in servicing industrial steam boiler and power plant boilers for the Refineries and Petrochemicals Industry, to ensure efficient delivery of process steam.

Boiler for Refineries and Petrochemicals

Owing to the large volume needs of steam in refineries and petrochemicals, a tonne of steam is used to heat crude oil during the distillation phase, thermal cracking, catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, petroleum coking, catalytic reforming, refinery gas production, petroleum product refining, and so on.

Since steam boilers play such an important role in this industry, they are regarded as an indespansable and inextricably linked component.

They are an important source of heat and power in the refinery's manufacturing operation. They are not only used in petrochemical production processes, but also in heating oil and increasing fluidity.

Role of Steam Boilers in Refineries and Petrochemicals

  • Steam Power for Machinery

  • Steam for Distillation

  • Steam for Thermal Cracking

  • Hot water for Petroleum product refining

  • Steam for Refinery gas production

  • Steam for Petroleum coking

  • Steam for Hydrocracking

  • Steam for Catalytic cracking

  • Steam for Other Industrial Processes

Recommended Boilers for Refineries and Petrochemicals

Savemax Boiler

(1 - 12 TPH)

Combitherm Boiler

(1 - 20 TPH)

Packaged Boiler

(1 - 20 TPH)

Internal Furnace Packaged Boiler

(1 - 15 TPH)