Deaerator Tank

Thermodyne Boilers manufactures deaerator tanks that come with adequate controllers for easy operation. Our deaerator tank is provided with a water level controller and a gauge glass to monitor and control the water level in the tank.

Deaerator Tank

The Deaerator tank in the boiler acts as a Feed Water Tank to store cold and hot fluid in order to remove dissolved air or non-condensable gases from the fluid. Deaerating feed tank helps in removing non-condensable gases from a feed.

Water, like every other fluid used as a heat transmission medium, includes oxygen and other non-condensable gases. These gases dissolved in a fluid serve as a heat transfer insulator. Heat transfer rates from fuel to fluid are typically decreased when these gases are present in a fluid, which increases the amount of fuel needed for heating, lowering efficiency.

Working principle of Deaerator Tank

Because the solubility of gases in a fluid decreases as the temperature of the fluid increases, and the pressure of a gas in a fluid is directly proportional to the partial pressure of gas above it, removing the gas above the fluid lowers the pressure above it, causing the gas dissolved in the fluid to escape in order to balance the pressure.

Condensate or process fluid returning from the process is generally at a higher temperature than the ambient temperature and the fluid which needs to be fed is at a lower temperature than the ambient. Both the feed and process fluid are kept together in a tank in order to increase the temperature of the feed by taking heat from the process fluid.

To heat the supply water and maintain its working temperature, some portion or partial steam is sometimes pumped into a tank via a perforated steam pipe. The level of fluid in a tank is set such that some space above it is left open to allow air to escape. An air vent is located at the top of the tank to allow all of the air to leave, leaving any vapor behind.

Advantages of Deaerator Tanks in Boiler system

  1. Removing the gases from the feed protects the boiler or heater tubes from getting corroded, thereby increasing the life of the equipment.

  2. Deaerator tank also acts as a Feed tank which provides Net Positive Suction Head to the feed

  3. Da tank increases the efficiency of a boiler.

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