Pressure Reducing Station(PRS)

Thermodyne has designed, fabricated and successfully commissioned Pressure Reducing Stations (PRS) for many of our clients both across the country and abroad. This design has been incorporated with a high degree of reliable quality components for trouble-free service. Most process industries need steam at different pressures for different applications. Hence, a properly sized pressure reducing station (PRS) is required for efficient steam with minimum losses.

Pressure Reducing Station- PRS

Pressure reducing stations (PRS) is the arrangement of certain valves which are used to provide the desired steam pressure at the user’s end. Steam coming from the Boiler, through the steam line, enters the PRS at a higher pressure and leaves the PRS at a reduced (specified) pressure. In this the flow of the steam remains constant. Like a Steam Boiler, PRS is also pressure equipment.

Steam generated at a certain pressure in the Steam Boiler may not be required in the process equipment at that same pressure. To complete the process, they need a lower steam pressure. Pressure Reducing Stations are useful in this situation because they assist in obtaining the appropriate steam pressure.

Advantages of PRS

  • Rugged design

  • Instance, response to pressure changes

  • Compact design

  • Ready to install i.e. lower installation cost

  • IBR and Non-IBR PRS are also available.

  • No maintenance cost

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