Green Steam Solutions for

Palm Oil Mills

We supply oil mills with energy-efficient Steam Boilers in a range of sizes and capacities that are simple to install and assemble. These boiling systems play an important role in the oil extraction process by supplying the steam needed by heating kettles to heat the oil seeds.

Boiler for Palm Oil Mills

Before being sent for extraction, oil seeds must be roasted. This is achieved because seed conditioning is an essential part of the vegetable oil extraction method. Cooking the seeds conditions them and increases their moisture content significantly. This method significantly improves the amount of extracted oil. For the purity and yield level of oil, seed conditioning by cooking and heating is important. Steam kettles or boiling kettles are used for the heating operation. The steam needed by the heating kettles to cook and heat the oil seeds is provided by boilers.

Features of Thermodyne Boilers in Palm Oil Mill

  • It can be used to cook all types of seeds such as castor seeds, soybeans, groundnuts, etc.

  • These can be used for both small scale as well as large-scale industries.

  • Low running cost.

  • High steam generation speed.

  • Oil, wood, agricultural waste, and husks can be used as fuel to provide the heat for boiling.

  • Available in different sizes, types and capacities.

Recommended Boilers for Oil Mill


(50 Kg-5 TPH)


(1 - 15 TPH)


(1 - 15 TPH)

Savemax Boiler(Oil & Gas Fired)

(1 - 12 TPH)