• Thermal Capacity : 300 Kg - 10 Ton Per Hour

  • Working Pressure : 10.54 - 32 Kg/Cm2

  • Available Fuel Options : Light oil, Diesel, Petrol, LPG, CNG, Natural Gas etc.

  • Application : Industrial use

Product Introduction


Savemax Boiler is the conventional three pass smoke-tube design Oil / Gas fired steam boiler having an internal water cooling furnace area. The superior features make it the ideal boiler.

It's a standard three-pass internal furnace smoke tube design, with flue gases within the tubes and water outside the tubes in the shell. The atomization of fuel is required for the burning of oil and gas in a furnace. Because the fuel entering the burner in bulk is either a liquid or a gas, it must be divided into tiny droplets so that every last particle may be burned without leaving a trace.

Salient Features

  • Fully automatic unit

  • High Efficiency of 88% on NCV

  • Large Convective Heating Surface - excellent heat transfer

  • Large water holding, quick response to fluctuating steam demands

  • Monobloc type burner - Reduce fuel consumption

  • Horizontal packaged boiler - less site work & quick commissioning

Operating Range

  • Capacities from 300 Kg/hr to 10 Ton Per Hour

  • Can attain temperatures up-to 300 deg C

  • Fuel firing: Light oil, Diesel, Petrol, LPG, CNG, Natural Gas etc.

  • High combustion efficiency up-to 98%

Technical Advantages of SAVEMAX Boiler

  • Comprises of the gas regulator that regulates pressure, the gas strainer to remover dirt from gas.

  • Provided with a pressure and temperature gauge to sense the outlet steam pressure and temperature and when it exceeds the set pressure and temperature, it gives the signal to the burner, which lowers the fuel flow to the burner, thereby reducing the operating cost.

  • The thermal stress on the boiler surface is reduced by a large heat transfer surface.

  • Dry steam generated, helps in reducing the processing time, saves steam and improves the quality of processed goods.

  • Large water holding & steam holding space provides a quick response to fluctuating steam demands.

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