Boiler Control System

We offer a wide range of industrial boiler control systems that are suitable for many industries, from government and hospitals to manufacturing and utility applications. These systems include DCS, PLC, single-loop controls, and more. We source from leading brands of boiler controls, including ABB, Allen-Bradley, Emerson, Foxboro, GE, Honeywell, Siemens, Westinghouse, Yokogawa, and others, to accommodate your industrial boiler needs.

Boiler Control System

We offer Boiler control System, low-pressure boiler, wood boiler Today’s industrial steam boilers demand boiler control systems that are optimized to achieve superior efficiency and ease of use, with built-in safeguards against error. As an industrial boiler distributor specializing in the installation and servicing of new and existing steam boilers, Bacon Engineering is well known for our expertise in designing industrial boiler control systems to meet your specific boiler and burner requirements. We do all programming and design engineering in the house for maximum flexibility.

The controller is a bi-directional, multi-function web-based wireless real-time unit that enables a user to remotely control up to ten boilers; operate heating and hot water systems separately; monitor energy usage and provide energy and temperature profiling.

Water Heater Boiler

Burner control unit CM contains all the electronic safety functions such as flame control, burner capacity control, electronic mixture regulation and control, and temperature control and safety temperature limiting. It also has a fault lock-out function and an error diagnostics tool. In addition, the CM allows a modular design for control and safeguarding. The advantages: burner control units differing for gas and oil can thus be combined with different heating controllers. Burner control unit CM is available as a circuit board version or can be built into a housing…

Boiler control unit KM is equipped with all the electronic safety and basic control functions of a heater. The device is also available in a compact version with integrated display and operation. For special requirements, a customer-specific version with diverse options for bus connection and for the display and functions can be developed on request. Boiler control unit KM is equipped with the classic connection options for room temperature controllers, e.g. with Open Therm interface; an eBUS interface is available in order to extend the unit to form a complete control system.

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